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A Picture of Hope For Anyone Who Thinks They Will Never Be Normal About Food

A Picture of Hope For Anyone Who Thinks They Will Never Be Normal About Food

When I was making coffee this morning, I looked over at the fruit bowl on the counter and was suddenly struck by a wave of gratefulness. In addition… read 

Why Weight Ups and Downs Don't Matter As Much As You Think

We like to talk about little victories here at—but I’ve realized a victory lately that is anything but little. (At least it seems that way to me!) Here… read 

What "Little Victories" Have You Had Lately?

We haven’t had a Little Victories post in a while—and it’s time! “Little Victories” are what we here at like to call the small (yet important) steps,… read 

Little Victories Friday! How Helping Someone Else Helps You, Too

Wow, where did February go? The introduction of Little Victories to get sane about food was in early January, but it’s starting to feel like a long time… read 

"Little Victories" Friday!

By now, you probably know what to do, but just in case you have missed out on the greatness that is “Little Victories” Fridays, you can check out… read 

"Little Victories" Friday!

How has the week been for you? Whatever the week has been like for you, hopefully you are able to appreciate or recognize some Little Victory in your… read 

"Little Victories" Friday!

Happy Friday! It’s the end of the first week of February, so I thought it would be a good time for a “Little Victories Friday!” For readers who… read 

A "Little Victory!" To Share

These “Little Victories” posts that Morgan started are a real inspiration, dontcha think? I had one last night that I wanted to share… My husband and I started… read 

"Little Victories" Friday!

Happy Friday! If you missed the initial “Little Victories” post last week, I will recap what the general idea is…Basically, “Little Victories” are what I call the small… read