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Cabbage Soup, Master Cleanse, Zone, South Beach—How All These Diets Just Led to Binges

Cabbage Soup, Master Cleanse, Zone, South Beach—How All These Diets Just Led to Binges

A big thanks to Nina at Help for Eating Disorder for sharing her Real Story of recovery with us today: I was always an active and athletic child… read 

Words Can Hurt: What's the Worst Thing Anyone's Ever Said to You About Your Body? reader Aria, 22 sent in a Real Story the other day in which she talks about making a list of all of the hurtful things people had… read 

It's Time to Talk About it: Binge Eating and Sexual Abuse

Research shows that people who experience trauma during childhood such as physical, sexual or verbal abuse are more likely to grow up to have eating disorders and/or addictive… read 

Real Story: Are Those Ho-Hos Calling My Name?

Thank you to reader Stacy, 22, for sharing this tale of  emotional eating and very loud little Ho-Hos. Have you ever felt like a food was calling… read 

What it Takes to Go From Feeling Sick, Stuffed and Awful to Feeling Strong and Happy

Many thanks to reader Jen, 30, for this inspiring Real Story. More proof that recovery is possible for all of us, guys! xo…Sunny In the summer of… read 

Real Story: Is Extra Food is Cluttering Up Your Life?

Sorry we didn’t have a post yesterday, guys—Morgan’s away and I was working on the book all weekend! But always keep checkin’ back; isn’t goin’ anywhere. I… read 

Real Story: Eating From The Trash Bin…And Other Things Binge Eaters Have In Common

Ever tried to explain binge eating or the compulsion to overeat to a “normal” eater? Yeah, they usually don’t get it. There are some things that only another… read 

Sometimes Sharing Your Story Can Help…Do you have a Real Story to Share?

Happy last Friday of January! I hope the first month of 2010 has started off well for you all! Sunny and I are excited about about getting the… read 

When Did You Know You Had a Problem With Food?

Today we have a guest post from a lovely young woman named Lauren. She asks an interesting question…I’ll answer in the comments. Hope you do too. The bigger… read 

Real Story: TV, Nachos and Secrecy

Thanks to Erica, 21, who’s sharing her very honest, inspiring Real Story today. She’s proof that you can get better! xo…Sunny I cringe when thinking back to the… read