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Why You Can't Compare Yourself to Pictures in Magazines (or Images on TV or the Big Screen)

Beliefs about weight and our bodies come from all kinds of sources, including family, friends, art, fashion, movies, books, and yes, magazines. That’s why it’s so important for… read 

A Top (Plus Size) Model's Thoughts on Airbrushing and Body Image

    Whitney Thompson has had big success since being the first-ever plus-size winner of “America’s Next Top Model” during cycle 10. But that doesn’t mean she’s a… read 

One Model's Story of How She Stopped Abusing Her Body

Plus-size model Angela Jones and her writer friend Elizabeth Nord recently created a web community called Plus-Size Models Unite, where they focus on positive body image and feeling… read 

Three Cheers for A Diversity of Body Types on the Runway! (And A Few Other Things That Will Make You Happy)

Lovely, lovely happenings in the body revolution world in the past few weeks: Marc Jacobs Paris fashion show featuring models with a diversity of body types and ages… read 

Do A Few Larger Models In Magazines REALLY Make A Body-Image Impact?

Seeing images like the one above definitely makes me feel even prouder of my curvy, size 10-12 frame—and makes me think back fondly to the (equally beautiful!) size… read