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As The Weather Gets Colder, Does Your Appetite Heat Up?

[Note: This post contains talk about specific foods. Just a note in case you find that triggering!] Today was the chilliest day we’ve had here in New York… read 

My New Favorite (No-Binge) Pumpkin Pie

I’ve written a bit about my “thing” with chocolate candy. (Binge in a bag!) In truth, refined sugar in general can be a trigger food for me-making me… read 

Eat Happy! 3 Healthy Dinner Ideas

Dinner can be a toughie for people with emotional eating or binge issues. Are we trying to comfort ourselves after a busy day? Using food to unwind? I’m… read 

3 Breakfasts This HealthyGirl Loves

A friend from the Woodhull Institute told me that she was clicking around the site the other day and wished there was a section on healthy, yummy foods… read