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Give up your latte (or kombucha?) today and support the Just Eat documentary instead

Got $5? Invest it in Laura Kezman, a filmmaker and eating disorders survivor, and her team to help them finish her important documentary, Just Eat. Because the deadliest of all mental illnesses… read 

Hopping From One Weird Eating Behavior to Another—Have You Done It?

When I was writing my book, experts told me that it’s incredibly common for people to use several different disordered eating behaviors over their lives. You might start… read 

"I Eat Until I Hurt and I Cannot Stop. Help!"

I got an email from a young woman the other day who seems to have been bouncing between different disordered eating behaviors for a few years and is… read 

Real Story: Is Binge Eating More Shameful Than Anorexia?

  A big thank you to Samantha for sharing her Real Story with us today. We don’t talk about anorexia a whole lot on, but for many… read 

Real Stories: Skinny=Happy, Right?

It’s the second installment of’s Real Stories series! A big thanks to Tamara, 21, for sharing her tale with us today: Round and round the circle we… read