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"There is ALWAYS Hope!" A Message From Someone Who Hit a Little Bump in The Road

There were a few times during my recovery from binge eating disorder when I thought, “Hey, maybe I’m all better!”…and then found myself a week or a month… read 

Cabbage Soup, Master Cleanse, Zone, South Beach—How All These Diets Just Led to Binges

Cabbage Soup, Master Cleanse, Zone, South Beach—How All These Diets Just Led to Binges

A big thanks to Nina at Help for Eating Disorder for sharing her Real Story of recovery with us today: I was always an active and athletic child… read 

3 Truths I've Learned About Recovery from Binge Eating

    One of my favorite things is opening up my email inbox in the morning and find notes from readers. It doesn’t matter how busy things… read 

What Steps Did You Take Toward Food Sanity, and In What Order?

    So, imagine you realize you have an eating problem and finally decide to seek help. You go through some intensive therapy—maybe even in-patient—but when it’s over,… read 

Words of Encouragement Needed for This Reader…

Hi guys. reader Rachael, 21, left a comment this morning that I just had to share with you—and ask you to please weigh in on: Can someone… read 

Has the Number on the Scale Ever Ruined Your Whole Day? reader Carly, 20, is having some trouble with her scale—as in, the number she sees on it in the morning is dictating her moods. Sound familiar? Yep,… read 

How Early Did Your Food Issues Being? This Woman Was a Binge Eater at 8 Years Old

Today the anonymous blogger from Confessions of a Compulsive Overeater is sharing a bit of her story with us. I love hearing how things just sort of snapped… read 

Food-Sanity Tipping Points: I’ve Reached One…Time to Act!

You guys know that I rely on a few key tools to help me manage my stress, connect with my feelings in a healthy way, keep my mind… read 

The Danger of Comparing Your Eating Habits to Someone Else's

Ever find yourself staring at someone else’s plate and feeling bad about what you’ve chosen to put on your own? Thinking they’re being “good” and you’re being “bad”?… read 

"Is it Too Late For Me to Get Better?"

Victoria, 29, wrote me a while ago, saying she was worried that perhaps she’s spent so long bingeing that she won’t be able to change. It’s never, ever… read