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Real Stories: "I Took Adderall To Lose Weight"

Ever felt so desperate to stop your bingeing and get thin that you took drugs or diet pills? Yep, so did reader Amanda, 20. When she went… read 

Why It's So Hard To Admit That You Have A Food Problem

Big thanks to reader Jenn whose question brought up a super-important issue: how hard it is to even admit that we have a problem with overeating. Q: First… read 

If You've Ever Had a Problem With Food, This Girl's Story Will Make You Cry

I relate to just about every comment I read here on—and to every email I get from readers. But once in a while, someone writes in with… read 

Real Stories: Skinny=Happy, Right?

It’s the second installment of’s Real Stories series! A big thanks to Tamara, 21, for sharing her tale with us today: Round and round the circle we… read