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Hey, so I Binged the Other Day — Here’s Why That’s OK

I wasn’t sure if I should share this here. I wondered if it would make a few of you lose  hope, or maybe change your opinion of me, or the… read 

How I Dealt with a Pregnancy Weight Gain “Crisis”

How I Dealt with a Pregnancy Weight Gain “Crisis”

Yesterday I filled you guys in on the body image speedbump I hit around month five in my pregnancy. Today I wanna share the fun convo I had… read 

Why Thanksgiving is So Hard For People With Eating Issues

Hi all! I wrote this piece for the Huffington Post and wanted to share it with all of you. Enjoy, and have a happy and healthy day! xo…Sunny… read 

My New Worry Cure; Maybe It’ll Help You, Too

Anxiety. It’s a word you’ve heard me say often enough here on I don’t have an anxiety disorder, but when things in my life change, or good—or just… read 

OK, I Know This Sounds Cheesy, But: Have You Talked to Your Inner Child Lately?

You guys know that I’ve been struggling a bit to get back into my usual balanced lifestyle, and that I haven’t felt like I’ve had enough time of… read 

Have You Ever Dated a Binge-Eating Enabler? I Kinda Married One Once

After that rousing discussion we had the other day about how important it can be to tell the person you’re dating about your food issues, I got to… read 

How Do You Get Over the Dreaded "Morning After A Binge" Feeling?

Anyone who’s ever binged late at night knows what the morning after feels like: Bloated, sluggish, hung-over, heart-burny, and most of all guilty. The physical effects feel bad—but… read 

Food-Sanity Tipping Points: I’ve Reached One…Time to Act!

You guys know that I rely on a few key tools to help me manage my stress, connect with my feelings in a healthy way, keep my mind… read 

How Do You Know if You're Disordered, or Just a Little "Weird" About Food?

I dare say most people (especially women) are at least a little weird about food. Wouldn’t you? I got to thinking about this the other day, when I… read 

How Has Having a Healthier Relationship With Food Changed Your Life?

Hi all! You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little more quiet than usual. I’m nearing the manuscript delivery deadline for my book, and… read