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Ways to Say Yes to Foods You Love (Without Bingeing)!

Week before last, I posted some tips on how to say no to food offered or given to you that you don’t want to eat. I mentioned that… read 

FOOD-SANITY FRIDAY: Ways to Say No to Food You Don't Want!

@hlthygrl: FOOD-SANITY TIP OF THE DAY: You don’t have to eat or drink something because someone was nice enough to give it to/make it for you.

Halt the Holiday Food Guilt! (Seriously—it Ain't Helping Anyone)

I’d like to introduce you all to Morgan, my new research assistant for and my upcoming book. She did today’s food-sanity round up for you—I’m so happy… read 

A Quick Way to Feel Better About Food and Your Body

Just read this post! It’s Food-Sanity Friday again, and I’ve compiled the best little body-image and healthy-eating gems people have tweeted this week. Please feel free to add… read 

4 Small Ways to Healthify Your Relationship With Food

It’s Food-Sanity Friday! There are so many little bits of great food and body wisdom on the Twitterwebs-so I’ve compiled my favorites of the week here. Let me… read