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How Therapy Has Worked For Me [guest post]

How Therapy Has Worked For Me [guest post] reader Angie told me that she’s had a lot of success recently using cognitive behavioral therapy to help her get (and stay) sane about food. CBT may… read 

Hopping From One Weird Eating Behavior to Another—Have You Done It?

When I was writing my book, experts told me that it’s incredibly common for people to use several different disordered eating behaviors over their lives. You might start… read 

5 Ways to Find A Therapist Who Can Help You Get Sane About Food

I’m freaked out that I’m going to gain all my weight again but I can’t stop myself. That’s one of the lines in an email from Sarah, 24,… read 

Do You Eat When You Have Nothing to Do? Here's Help.

A great, insightful Q from reader Marina, who just turned 20. Hope her situation helps shed some light on your own…and as always, feel free to weigh… read