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Are You Waiting to Be "Thin" or "Recovered" or "Perfect" to Feel Good About the Way You Look?

Most people in four-season climates seem to dread the beginning of September the same way that everyone dreads Sundays. (Like Sunny! Read why here.) They know they only… read 

Oh Lordy, Lordy, It's Fall. Are You Having Jeans Anxiety Yet? 'Cause I Am

I fully admit to being bad with change. Whatever personality quirks made me easy prey for binge eating disorder have also made me prone to black-and-white thinking, rigidity,… read 

Please Do Not "Pop" My Booty

My first reaction to this hilarious infomercial (first brought to my attention by an @illusionists tweet) was just to laugh. Loudly. And pull random co-workers into my office… read 

The TRUTH About Super-Skinny Models in Magazines

You’ve probably heard by now of the huge, positive hub-bub created by a picture of a gorgeous size 12-14 model in Glamour‘s September issue. Editor in chief Cindi… read