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Why Don’t More People <i>Talk</i> About Binge Eating? [book excerpt]

Why Don’t More People Talk About Binge Eating? [book excerpt]

Today, part 2 of the condensed Chapter 1 excerpt from my new book, Food: The Good Girl’s Drug. (Tomorrow’s installment: Are all bingers overweight?) There are literally millions… read 

Alcohol + Food = Binge?

Alcohol + Food = Binge?

A common Saturday night scene in my early twenties would go a little something like this: Me and my (very fun) roommate would hit a bar or hip… read 

Real Story: Is Binge Eating More Shameful Than Anorexia?

  A big thank you to Samantha for sharing her Real Story with us today. We don’t talk about anorexia a whole lot on, but for many… read 

How Early Did Your Food Issues Being? This Woman Was a Binge Eater at 8 Years Old

Today the anonymous blogger from Confessions of a Compulsive Overeater is sharing a bit of her story with us. I love hearing how things just sort of snapped… read 

It's Time to Talk About it: Binge Eating and Sexual Abuse

Research shows that people who experience trauma during childhood such as physical, sexual or verbal abuse are more likely to grow up to have eating disorders and/or addictive… read 

Anxiety, Anger, Making a Mistake or Hunger—What Are Your Biggest Binge Triggers? Book Club [previous posts] One of my favorite parts of Cynthia Bulik’s book, Crave, is Chapter 4 where she explains the “eating profiles” she’s discovered over the years… read