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How Being A House Guest Made Me Think About My Relationship To Food

I hope you all had lovely long weekends! A bit of time has passed since I’ve written regularly for healthygirl, and I was excited when Sunny asked me… read 

Let's Talk About Peanut Butter (…and Other Trigger Foods)

I l-o-v-e, love peanut butter—and right now, my relationship with the creamy stuff is in a very good place. I had a tablespoon of peanut butter in my… read 

Trigger Foods: To Eat or Not to Eat? That is One Reader's Question

We’ve talked a lot around here about what triggers binges: stress, loneliness, keeping quiet when we want to speak out. But some emotional eaters—and researchers too—believe that certain… read 

My New Favorite (No-Binge) Pumpkin Pie

I’ve written a bit about my “thing” with chocolate candy. (Binge in a bag!) In truth, refined sugar in general can be a trigger food for me-making me… read 

Is There Such A Thing As an EVIL Food?

Chocolate is a trigger food for me. Instead of feeling satisfied after eating a few M&Ms or Hershey’s Kisses like some people I know, a few mouthfuls of… read