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What Exactly Counts as a Binge—And Are All Bingers “Overweight”? [book excerpt]

What Exactly Counts as a Binge—And Are All Bingers “Overweight”? [book excerpt]

Part 3 of the excerpt from my book Food: The Good Girl’s Drug. Enjoy! Are all binge eaters or emotional overeaters overweight? Not at all. This is a huge misperception… read 

5 Ways to Find A Therapist Who Can Help You Get Sane About Food

I’m freaked out that I’m going to gain all my weight again but I can’t stop myself. That’s one of the lines in an email from Sarah, 24,… read 

Oh Lordy, Lordy, It's Fall. Are You Having Jeans Anxiety Yet? 'Cause I Am

I fully admit to being bad with change. Whatever personality quirks made me easy prey for binge eating disorder have also made me prone to black-and-white thinking, rigidity,… read 

What to Do When Someone You're Dating Makes You Feel Fat

I remember in high school, a boyfriend made a comment once about my hands being “crazy big.” He didn’t call me fatso, or tell me I was ugly,… read 

Hey, Wait, I Thought You Said Things Would be Perfect When I Got "Normal"!

First let me say, I am in no way looking a recovery horse in the mouth. I am so grateful to be recovered from binge eating disorder and… read 

Why Weight Ups and Downs Don't Matter As Much As You Think

We like to talk about little victories here at—but I’ve realized a victory lately that is anything but little. (At least it seems that way to me!) Here… read 

"Is it Too Late For Me to Get Better?"

Victoria, 29, wrote me a while ago, saying she was worried that perhaps she’s spent so long bingeing that she won’t be able to change. It’s never, ever… read 

"How Do I Get My Mom to Stop Making Comments About My Weight?"

This question came in from a 24-year-old reader—I wanted to share it with all of you. Q: Your site has really helped me come to terms with… read 

Weight IS Just a Number, But Here's Why It's Important To Me Right Now

I’ve talked about how the number on the scale doesn’t really matter in terms of looks or health. But it does mean something to me. At this point… read 

Why Your Weight Doesn't Matter

You’ve heard it before: Weight is just a number. That sounds good and all, but it’s a leetle hard to believe when you’re in having a “fat day”… read