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The Smartest Way to Fight Obesity in this Country: Heal the Emotional Reasons Behind It

Today I wanted to share with you a piece I wrote for the Huffington Post. I’ll be writing for them occasionally, so let me know what you think… read 

Required Reading For Anyone Who's Weird About Food

Binge eating and emotional overeating are hot topics in the news and in research now. As they should be! I found these stories/posts interesting and wanted to share… read 

You've Heard of Stress-Eating; But Do You Fear-Eat?

Something I hear a lot from women in my eating disorder support group: “I’m afraid that…” “I’m fearful of…” Fear is a painful and (duh) scary emotion, so… read 

Proof That "Fat Days" Are Sooo All In Your Head

There was an incredibly interesting “feeling fat” study presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society meeting I went to last week. The researchers at York University showed 100… read