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A Picture of Hope For Anyone Who Thinks They Will Never Be Normal About Food

A Picture of Hope For Anyone Who Thinks They Will Never Be Normal About Food

When I was making coffee this morning, I looked over at the fruit bowl on the counter and was suddenly struck by a wave of gratefulness. In addition… read 

Sigh. What Do You Do When You’re Feeling Uninspired?

I don’t know if you regular readers have noticed…but I haven’t exactly been burning up the blogosphere lately. It’s strange and sort of unsettling, but as grateful… read 

Ever Know Exactly What The Smart Thing to Do With Food Is, But You Do The Opposite Anyway?

There have been times in my recovery from binge eating disorder that certain trigger foods were off limits. In order to make myself feel safe, and reduce the… read 

As The Weather Gets Colder, Does Your Appetite Heat Up?

[Note: This post contains talk about specific foods. Just a note in case you find that triggering!] Today was the chilliest day we’ve had here in New York… read 

Hey, Wait, I Thought You Said Things Would be Perfect When I Got "Normal"!

First let me say, I am in no way looking a recovery horse in the mouth. I am so grateful to be recovered from binge eating disorder and… read 

Have You Guys Seen That Fat-Camp Show, HUGE?

Calling it a fat-camp show is actually really unfair. I kinda just did that to get your attention. The fact is, HUGE is one of my favorite new… read 

Part of Being Sane About Food is Enjoying Eating!

At one point in my recovery, I thought that I had to give up my enjoyment and the real joy I took in food and flavors in order… read 

Do You Sneak-Eat? Why It's Important to Keep Your Food on the Up and Up

This morning as I was getting ready to write today’s post, I was reading through some guest blogs that eating disorders therapist Esther Kane, MSW, sent over for… read 

12 Summertime Snacks This Healthygirl Likes!

There once was a time where I would avoid snacks all together because I was afraid of running the risk of getting myself into a tricky trigger situation… read 

The Danger of Comparing Your Eating Habits to Someone Else's

Ever find yourself staring at someone else’s plate and feeling bad about what you’ve chosen to put on your own? Thinking they’re being “good” and you’re being “bad”?… read