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Going Home For The Holidays…And Bingeing. Are You Worried?

Going Home For The Holidays…And Bingeing. Are You Worried?

For many people with food and body issues, the holiday season can feel like a minefield. Rather than just enjoying being with your family and friends, and nibbling… read 

Talking to Family About Their Relationship to Food

Yesterday I was eating dinner with my Mom and Dad and the topic came up of my writing posts for Between bites of roasted chicken, my Dad… read 

Dealing With Friends, Co-workers, Dates and Parents When You've Got Food Issues

I’ve always been fairly open about my eating issues. Even though I did find binge eating disorder shameful, I was still able somehow to get over that enough… read 

The Fleeting, Powerful, Feeling of Control

I got an email from a 17-year-old reader named Hope a couple of days ago that reminded me of how powerful the feeling of controlling your food… read 

Real Story: TV, Nachos and Secrecy

Thanks to Erica, 21, who’s sharing her very honest, inspiring Real Story today. She’s proof that you can get better! xo…Sunny I cringe when thinking back to the… read