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A Top (Plus Size) Model's Thoughts on Airbrushing and Body Image

    Whitney Thompson has had big success since being the first-ever plus-size winner of “America’s Next Top Model” during cycle 10. But that doesn’t mean she’s a… read 

One Model's Story of How She Stopped Abusing Her Body

Plus-size model Angela Jones and her writer friend Elizabeth Nord recently created a web community called Plus-Size Models Unite, where they focus on positive body image and feeling… read 

Three Cheers for A Diversity of Body Types on the Runway! (And A Few Other Things That Will Make You Happy)

Lovely, lovely happenings in the body revolution world in the past few weeks: Marc Jacobs Paris fashion show featuring models with a diversity of body types and ages… read 

Do A Few Larger Models In Magazines REALLY Make A Body-Image Impact?

Seeing images like the one above definitely makes me feel even prouder of my curvy, size 10-12 frame—and makes me think back fondly to the (equally beautiful!) size… read