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"How Do I Get My Mom to Stop Making Comments About My Weight?"

This question came in from a 24-year-old reader—I wanted to share it with all of you. Q: Your site has really helped me come to terms with… read 

Why It's So Hard To Admit That You Have A Food Problem

Big thanks to reader Jenn whose question brought up a super-important issue: how hard it is to even admit that we have a problem with overeating. Q: First… read 

"How Do I Stop Feeling Bad About My Body?"

A reader named Trish left a comment with this question the other day. I got her permission to post it here—with an answer from body image expert… read 

How I'm Getting Sane About Food: A Q&A With Glamour's Margarita Bertsos

Margarita Bertsos is an assistant editor in the health department at Glamour-and a recovering emotional eater. She’s written very honestly for the magazine about her struggles with (and… read