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When Did You Know You Had a Problem With Food?

Today we have a guest post from a lovely young woman named Lauren. She asks an interesting question…I’ll answer in the comments. Hope you do too. The bigger… read 

Is It Possible To Focus on Weight Loss and Recovery At The Same Time?

This 20-year-old reader asked me something all overweight overeaters have wondered at one time or another: Can I lose weight and get better at the same time?… read 

After You "Mess Up" With Food, Do You Say To Hell With It And Eat Even More?

I so used to. My favorite thing to tell myself after a binge—or even just a small misstep—was, “Screw it. I already messed up anyway, so why not… read 

Deadlines, Stress, Feeling Fat—What Are YOUR Binge Triggers?

I just talked the other day about how being alone has been a binge trigger for me. Feeling “fat” is a sign I’m headed down that road, too.… read 

If You've Ever Had a Problem With Food, This Girl's Story Will Make You Cry

I relate to just about every comment I read here on—and to every email I get from readers. But once in a while, someone writes in with… read 

Are You Tempted To Binge When You're Alone?

Bingeing is something most of us have done only in secret—downstairs in the kitchen when our parents were asleep, in our rooms away from our roommates, in the… read 

Real Stories: Skinny=Happy, Right?

It’s the second installment of’s Real Stories series! A big thanks to Tamara, 21, for sharing her tale with us today: Round and round the circle we… read 

Do You Know The Signs That You're About to Binge?

Over the last several years, I’ve been able to identify a few big, flashing, neon signs that, if I pay attention, will warn me that I’m headed toward… read