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How Do <i>You</i> Describe Your Issues With Food? [HealthyGirl BookClub]

How Do You Describe Your Issues With Food? [HealthyGirl BookClub]

Welcome to week 2 of the BookClub featuring on my book, Food: The Good Girl’s Drug! I wanted to talk about something in Chapter 1 again today—but… read 

Would Someone Please Explain Why I Can’t Stop Eating? [book excerpt]

Would Someone Please Explain Why I Can’t Stop Eating? [book excerpt]

Regular readers probably know that my book, Food: The Good Girl’s Drug, came out last Tuesday. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to have a… read 

Hopping From One Weird Eating Behavior to Another—Have You Done It?

When I was writing my book, experts told me that it’s incredibly common for people to use several different disordered eating behaviors over their lives. You might start… read 

What Steps Did You Take Toward Food Sanity, and In What Order?

    So, imagine you realize you have an eating problem and finally decide to seek help. You go through some intensive therapy—maybe even in-patient—but when it’s over,… read 

Ever Know Exactly What The Smart Thing to Do With Food Is, But You Do The Opposite Anyway?

There have been times in my recovery from binge eating disorder that certain trigger foods were off limits. In order to make myself feel safe, and reduce the… read 

Words of Encouragement Needed for This Reader…

Hi guys. reader Rachael, 21, left a comment this morning that I just had to share with you—and ask you to please weigh in on: Can someone… read 

Talking to Family About Their Relationship to Food

Yesterday I was eating dinner with my Mom and Dad and the topic came up of my writing posts for Between bites of roasted chicken, my Dad… read 

Why It's So Important Not To Keep Your Eating Issues a Secret

Today I’d like to share a letter from one of the youngest readers I’ve talked to in a while: Yuki, who’s just 15. Please feel free to… read 

A Painful Reminder of How it Felt to Be Obese

I almost burst into tears on the subway on my way to work yesterday morning. There was a woman on the train sitting across from me, looking uncomfortable perched… read 

How Do You Describe Your Weird Relationship With Food?

The most recent draft of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists Binge Eating Disorder as an official eating disorder of its own. It used to… read