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Give up your latte (or kombucha?) today and support the Just Eat documentary instead

Got $5? Invest it in Laura Kezman, a filmmaker and eating disorders survivor, and her team to help them finish her important documentary, Just Eat. Because the deadliest of all mental illnesses… read 

Let’s Talk About It: How We Recovered From Insane Eating and Bad Body Image

Many of you have heard the basics of my story of recovering from chronic dieting and binge eating disorder. Recently, the National Organization of Women asked me to… read 

Your Inner Little Girl Needs to Watch This Video

It’s a book trailer for Good Girls Don’t Get Fat by Dr. Robyn Silverman. Whether the book is right for you or not, this video is sure to… read 

What's the Worst Thing You've Ever Said To Your Body?

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s tri-delt’s famous Fat Talk Free Week. (Shouldn’t there be a hyphen or two in there somewhere? There should. Between the Fat and… read