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How Much Do Looks Matter to You—and Is It Messing Up Your Efforts to Get Sane About Food? reader and contributor Erica is back today with a guest post about finding herself in a bit of a tougher spot than usual with food and her… read 

Even if Your Body Doesn't Change Much, You Will Love it More When You Recover

I’m happy to welcome back the anonymous blogger at Confessions of a Compulsive Overeater with a guest post about how her body image has changed over the course… read 

How to Exercise For The Right Reasons—and Feel Better About Your Body

Some of you know Trish from her comments here on—she’s been a regular reader almost since the beginning. I first got to know her when she asked… read 

Food-Sanity Tipping Points: I’ve Reached One…Time to Act!

You guys know that I rely on a few key tools to help me manage my stress, connect with my feelings in a healthy way, keep my mind… read 

How to Stay Sane About Food When Life Gets Crazy!

This post today is ripped not from the headlines, but straight from my life! My one-year anniversary with John is coming up in a few days, my book… read 

Why Comparing Yourself to Other Women is Dangerous

One of my perhaps more regrettable traits and/or habits (that I have been made aware of by my mother since age eight) is that I compare myself to… read 

How Many Push Ups Can You Do?

The kind of exercise I like to do has nothing whatsoever to do with weight or body size. For me, working out is about strength, tone, stress relief—just… read 

A Breathing Exercise That Could Help You Get Saner About Food

Last week, we got to hear Sprout Yoga founder Maggie’s Real Story about her own struggle with food—and how yoga helped her get better. Here, she shares a… read 

An Exercise-Haters' Guide To Workout Motivation (It Will Help You Get Sane About Food!)

If anyone would’ve told me 10 years ago that I’d eventually end up falling in love with working out, I would’ve fallen down on the ground and rolled… read 

What It Really Takes To Look Like Victoria Beckham

According to Posh herself, it takes working out seven days a week. Kudos to her for being honest about how far she goes to get it. So many… read