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How Pregnancy is Affecting My Eating and Recovery

How Pregnancy is Affecting My Eating and Recovery

Those of you who have seen this “my story” video below know that I’m pregnant. Those of you who didn’t know…Hey, I’m pregnant! Six and a half months… read 

Alcohol + Food = Binge?

Alcohol + Food = Binge?

A common Saturday night scene in my early twenties would go a little something like this: Me and my (very fun) roommate would hit a bar or hip… read 

"Is HealthyGirl Only For 'Young' Women?"

I got this note from a 51-year-old reader and wanted to share. The “age” question is one I’ve gotten more than once: Q: Is this site only for… read 

5 Ways to Find A Therapist Who Can Help You Get Sane About Food

I’m freaked out that I’m going to gain all my weight again but I can’t stop myself. That’s one of the lines in an email from Sarah, 24,… read 

How Much Saner About Food "Should" You Be By Now?

I feel so lost and pathetic. I should be a lot better by now. That’s what reader Hope, 18, wrote to me in an email recently. The… read 

"I'm Not Bingeing Anymore, But I Still Dislike My Body. Help!"

AAAAAAAAAAAA! That’s me screaming because I’m so frustrated at how much girls and women pick apart and loathe their bodies. We do amazing things with our lives, we… read 

3 Truths I've Learned About Recovery from Binge Eating

    One of my favorite things is opening up my email inbox in the morning and find notes from readers. It doesn’t matter how busy things… read 

What Steps Did You Take Toward Food Sanity, and In What Order?

    So, imagine you realize you have an eating problem and finally decide to seek help. You go through some intensive therapy—maybe even in-patient—but when it’s over,… read 

Words of Encouragement Needed for This Reader…

Hi guys. reader Rachael, 21, left a comment this morning that I just had to share with you—and ask you to please weigh in on: Can someone… read 

Do You Believe Bingeing (and Purging) Could Actually Be an Addiction?

I got a long letter from reader Ingrid, 23, in which she told me a bit of her story with food and her body (read it here).… read