"Little Victories" Friday!

By now, you probably know what to do, but just in case you have missed out on the greatness that is “Little Victories” Fridays, you can check out these past posts on what it’s all about. Basically, “Little Victories” are what I call the small (yet important) steps, moments, thoughts that eventually pave the way to big changes and recovery.

I will start us off…This week, one of my “little victories” was getting back from a two week trip, where I didn’t feel totally in sync with my body and eating habits, and getting right back into a comfortable zone that feels right for me. As soon as I got back, I went to the grocery store and loaded up on items that are convenient for me to prepare, healthy and nutritious and also really delicious to me (the most important part!). Instead of feeling crummy and off balance from being away and eating out a lot, I just got back intro my routine without dwelling on it. I feel so much better already! In the past this might not have been the case and I would have sort of wandered around (with food stuff) for days until I finally got back to my normal habits.

I love hearing what you all have accomplished in the week, even the tiniest of “little victories” is inspiring. They add up to really great progress wherever you are in the process of recovery, so keep on keeping on!

What “Little Victories” do you all have for this week that we have just finished? -Morgan

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  1. Sunny says:

    No victories this week? Aw, c’mon guys. Even the smallest step forward counts. :) I’ll give you mine: I took real action on Tuesday to deal with and defeat a fat day that, in other times of my life, would’ve led to days of bingeing. Like I said in my post about it, after addressing the real issues and calming my mind, I had one of the most productive days I’d had in weeks! xo…Sunny

  2. Bess says:

    Victories. That’s a loaded word. I’d like to say my victory for this week was realizing how much food I DON’T actually taste because I always eat when I’m watching TV. My victory this week was wait until I was hungry, think about what I wanted to eat and then ate it. Without guilt. I managed it once, but it’s still a victory. I have also realized I need to learn to cook more delicious meals that aren’t about calorie control so I can start to appreciate really great food. Lets face it, your last meal isn’t going to be a a bag of chips from a petrol station! Great idea for a post. Thank you.

  3. Trish says:

    Little victory — I had a tough week. Thursday came and I was absolutely (emotionally) drained, and instead of going home and laying on the couch and eating my body weight in chocolate, I went to the mall. I wasn’t looking for anything particular…but since I didn’t have the energy for the gym and I wasn’t about to let myself sit on the couch and binge, I walked around the mall a few times — and managed to get a great new perfume and a pair of boots! Success!!

  4. Han says:

    For breakfast one day this week I had a whole wheat and cinnamon pancake with a sliced up banana. Halfway through I realized I didn’t want anymore, so I just packed the leftovers and didn’t think about it anymore! Who’s ever heard of me NOT finishing a pancake?!

  5. CC says:

    My victory this week… I called and made an appointment to see a counselor this afternoon. My battle with body image, compulsive exercising, and bingeing left me so exhausted and depressed I didn’t know what else to do. I need to find peace and haven’t been able to by myself.

  6. Kate says:

    Ummm…well the one I could think up right now is: Wednesday I ate dinner and wanted something else so instead of plowing through the Coscto bag of peanut m&ms I ate some sweet ripe mango. Yep, I had fruit for dessert.

    Oh and some time this weekend…Monday when I had the day off. I ate some peanut m&ms. Well two small handfuls plus a 1/2 cup. I remember thinking “oh I’m getting full I should stop” but didn’t. Then about 30 minutes later I got really fully and really uncomfortable. Instead of shaming myself, I thought “see this is what happens when you over eat a sweet when you aren’t hungry any more-you get sick. Next time stop when you are feeling full.” The amazing thing was I know there were times in the past when I could eat twice that amount of m&ms and have hardly given it a second thought-my body is becoming used to less food and letting me know it doesn’t like eating too much!

  7. Alixe says:

    My “little ictory” this week has been that both yesterday and today have been binge free days for me. This is huge considering for the past two weeks i havent gone one day without bingeing. Its sort of strange to think that non emotional eaters can go much longer than two days without overeating at all and thats normal for them but hey i’ll take it!! I also bought “Crave” yesterday and am so excited to start reading it, i can’t wait and am going to start right after this post!!

    • Erica says:

      ahh please let us know about how “Crave” is…I haven’t read it yet and definitely would like to! Congrats on your not-so-little victory from last week!

  8. Alixe says:

    victory* oops

  9. Lauren says:

    Me and a friend have been dying to decide who makes the best chocolate chip cookies in NYC. We tried 5 different cookies at 3 different places, and I tried just a bite of each - I made sure to experience each bite and eat it slowly. I never felt stuffed with sugar (as I have so many times), and I feel like I was able to try a bunch of places that I’d avoided before because they were “calorie traps”. (As as an FYI, I thought the City Bakery chocolate chip was something to rave about- it even may top Levain’s!)

  10. Olivia says:

    On Thursday, I was feeling fat. Like really, irrationally, fat. I tried to understand what was behind this, but I couldn’t really. And inevitably, the urge to binge overwhelmed me. Now, I’d like to say I actually did not binge that day, but I can’t. I did delay it a looong time, but in the end I just couldn’t help it anymore.
    Anyways. Then Friday, I (logically) woke up feeling even fatter, and emotionally drained. BUT, I actually took the time (and this may make me sound crazy) to look at myself in the mirror, and tell myself, outloud, that I forgave myself for yesterday, that I thought I was beautiful and strong and that I understood that I would not beat binge-eating overnight, but that I appreaciated the efforts I was putting in and that I was never going to give up on myself, etc.
    Then I went to take a nice long walk.
    And I felt SO much better. Seriously. I no longer felt fat, nor bad about myself, and I ate healthy all day.

  11. Laura says:

    I guess my “little victory” would be stopping myself from thinking about the number on the scale rather than how I feel and how much I can lift or handle when it comes to working out. My problem when I get upset is to not eat so I’m working on that when I still have some upset days.

  12. nadia says:

    Well it’s monday but today i got most of my results from 3rd semester of lawschool(im frm europe) wich were far from great and was really disappointed. However i managed to not make things even worse and didn’t binge.Although I maybe overate a little but it was mainly oats. before i would like “oh my life is over now that i failed so i might as well eat my house”.step by step i guess.

  13. Agnes says:

    I cooked myself a dish that included coconut milk, an ingredient normally listed as one of my “forbidden foods”. I then ate it without anxiety, and not only that - I did actually put the half-empty bowl away when I felt full! Amazing. Thank you, dear body. I promise to treat you like this more often.

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