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How Being A House Guest Made Me Think About My Relationship To Food

I hope you all had lovely long weekends! A bit of time has passed since I’ve written regularly for healthygirl, and I was excited when Sunny asked me… read 

Peer Pressure to Eat (or Drink) Things You Don’t Want

“Let’s order a buffalo chicken calzone!” “Uhh, well, I don’t know, I don’t think….” “C’mon, split one with me! You know you want to, they’re SO good.” “Umm,… read 

How Healthy is Your Relationship With Food?

It’s Day 1 of the Book Club, hooray! As many of you know, our first book club pick is Crave by Cynthia Bulik, Ph.D. We’re going to… read 

"Little Victories" Friday!

By now, you probably know what to do, but just in case you have missed out on the greatness that is “Little Victories” Fridays, you can check out… read 

What Does A Healthy Day of Eating Look Like?

When I was in my diet/binge mindset (from the ages of 15 to 25 or so), I thought there was one right way to eat. I believed down… read 

When Did You Know You Had a Problem With Food?

Today we have a guest post from a lovely young woman named Lauren. She asks an interesting question…I’ll answer in the comments. Hope you do too. The bigger… read 

How To Help Your Family and Friends Help YOU Get Sane About Food

Hi there! I hope the holidays are going well and that everyone is doing okay with handling whatever (potential) food/body issues these times can bring up. Two days… read 

Post-Holiday Pondering: Is It NORMAL To Overeat Sometimes?

Hi all! Sorry I sort of—POOF— vanished last week. I had planned to post a little pre-Xmas body love stuff and some mid-Xmas Food-Sanity tips, but…well, it didn’t… read 

Do You Know The Signs That You're About to Binge?

Over the last several years, I’ve been able to identify a few big, flashing, neon signs that, if I pay attention, will warn me that I’m headed toward… read 

The Little Food Lies We Tell Ourselves

“I’ll just have one.” “It’ll be different this time.” “I’ll binge tonight—then go back to eating healthy tomorrow.” “I’m buying these cookies…for my boyfriend.” Any of these sound… read