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Why You Can't Compare Yourself to Pictures in Magazines (or Images on TV or the Big Screen)

Beliefs about weight and our bodies come from all kinds of sources, including family, friends, art, fashion, movies, books, and yes, magazines. That’s why it’s so important for… read 

Have You Guys Seen That Fat-Camp Show, HUGE?

Calling it a fat-camp show is actually really unfair. I kinda just did that to get your attention. The fact is, HUGE is one of my favorite new… read 

The Latest Body Image Controversy: Should We Even Be Discussing Celebs' Weight At All?

We all get mad when a tabloid or blog takes aim at a female celeb for some (real or imagined) weight gain. (Think Jessica Simpson or Kirstie Allie.)… read 

The Best Body Image Line I've Ever Heard

The best body-love, self-esteem boosting quote I’ve ever heard was uttered by Maya Angelou on Monday night at the Glamour Women of the Year awards. Dr. Angelou is… read 

What It Really Takes To Look Like Victoria Beckham

According to Posh herself, it takes working out seven days a week. Kudos to her for being honest about how far she goes to get it. So many… read 

The TRUTH About Super-Skinny Models in Magazines

You’ve probably heard by now of the huge, positive hub-bub created by a picture of a gorgeous size 12-14 model in Glamour‘s September issue. Editor in chief Cindi… read