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OK, I Know This Sounds Cheesy, But: Have You Talked to Your Inner Child Lately?

You guys know that I’ve been struggling a bit to get back into my usual balanced lifestyle, and that I haven’t felt like I’ve had enough time of… read 

Food-Sanity Tipping Points: I’ve Reached One…Time to Act!

You guys know that I rely on a few key tools to help me manage my stress, connect with my feelings in a healthy way, keep my mind… read 

How to Stay Sane About Food When Life Gets Crazy!

This post today is ripped not from the headlines, but straight from my life! My one-year anniversary with John is coming up in a few days, my book… read 

How Has Having a Healthier Relationship With Food Changed Your Life?

Hi all! You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little more quiet than usual. I’m nearing the manuscript delivery deadline for my book, and… read 

The Power of the Pause

I was really fortunate to get to attend a conference this weekend that happened to touch upon a lot of things relevant to getting sane about food and… read 

3 Steps To Fixing Your Next "Fat Day"

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling…fat. Yeah, I said it: FAT. Thing is, after all these years of recovery, I knew deep down that it had little to… read