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Are You Blind to Having a "Problem"?

Thanks to reader Caroline, 26, for sharing her Real Story today. I so relate to not wanting to admit to having a problem. But it’s so freeing… read 

Is Your Food Problem Bad Enough to Require Therapy?

“Is my problem bad enough to require therapy?” That’s the question I recently got from reader Katie, 16. Can you guess what my answer’s gonna be? Please… read 

When Did You Know You Were Really Ready to Change?

They say that it takes the average smoker seven attempts to finally quit. What about your average binge eater? How many times have you and I vowed to… read 

The Fleeting, Powerful, Feeling of Control

I got an email from a 17-year-old reader named Hope a couple of days ago that reminded me of how powerful the feeling of controlling your food… read