A "Little Victory!" To Share

These “Little Victories” posts that Morgan started are a real inspiration, dontcha think? I had one last night that I wanted to share…

I love the fact that I could eat a burger and fries without going overboard...or feeling guilty. In the least. Yum!

My husband and I started this thing we call the Burgerventure (like burger + adventure) a year or so ago: Basically we want to try every “best” burger in NYC…eventually. I’ve been craving a nice big burger and we haven’t had one in ages, so last night we checked the NYC Burger of the Month Club for a suggestion and went to Landmarc.

It wasn’t just the perfectly crisped fries or juicy, perfectly medium patty that made dinner last night so awesome: I had two little food sanity moments that left me feeling fantastic.

First, I stopped eating when I was full, even though there were fries, some burger, bun and melted gruyere left on my plate. (NEVER woulda happened a few years ago.) Then, we looked at the dessert menu and…I realized I was full, and didn’t need or even want anything else to eat right then. (Ditto on the never-woulda-happened a few years ago thing.)

Do you all have any little food-sanity victories to share today?


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  1. Gayle says:

    Yay you! Yesterday I ate what I planned to eat and even had some cake for dessert. The victory was being purge-free all day :)

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