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My New Favorite (No-Binge) Pumpkin Pie

I’ve written a bit about my “thing” with chocolate candy. (Binge in a bag!) In truth, refined sugar in general can be a trigger food for me-making me… More 

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2 Ways To Banish Food Guilt (Or At Least Start To!)

There are two common obsessions I find lots of emotional overeaters suffer from. I know I did back in the day. They make every meal, every food choice… More 

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Women's Weird Food Habits (Do You Have Some Too?)

THE GIRL WHO DIDN’T EAT ANYTHING WHITE: I was just talking to a young woman yesterday who was really excited because she just had Greek yogurt for the… More 

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Eat Happy! 3 Healthy Dinner Ideas

Dinner can be a toughie for people with emotional eating or binge issues. Are we trying to comfort ourselves after a busy day? Using food to unwind? I’m… More 

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What Are Your Food Rules? (And…Do You Have Too Many?)

Michael Pollan had a fun and enlightening slideshow on the today all about people’s food rules. We all have them, don’t we? Especially those of us who… More 

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3 Breakfasts This HealthyGirl Loves

A friend from the Woodhull Institute told me that she was clicking around the site the other day and wished there was a section on healthy, yummy foods… More 

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