The Little Food Lies We Tell Ourselves

I'll just have this ONE. Well, OK, maybe two (three, four, five...)

“I’ll just have one.”

“It’ll be different this time.”

“I’ll binge tonight—then go back to eating healthy tomorrow.”

“I’m buying these cookies…for my boyfriend.”

Any of these sound familiar? Here’s another, from a comment reader Heather (her comment inspired this whole post):

I tell myself I am going to run out and get a coffee, knowing that I will pick up a dozen donuts at the same time, and when I do that, I will tell myself that they will last me all week…even though I am fully aware that I am going to eat them all that night.”

Why do we lie to ourselves? So that we can keep eating! We’re smart women. We know what misusing food does to our brains and bodies. The logical part of us doesn’t want us to continue to do it. So the part of us that still needs the food to help us face things tells us a little white lie that will lead us to the food.

More often than not these days, I’m able to recognize those lies and correct my thinking before I act on them—but not always. What about you?

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4 Responses to The Little Food Lies We Tell Ourselves

  1. Gayle says:

    “I’ll binge tonight—then go back to eating healthy tomorrow.” - OMG! I JUST SAID THAT TO MYSELF!

  2. Katie says:

    I tend to get kind of bummed out and lethargic during the late afternoon, which is when start craving baked goods. My biggest late afternoon lie is, “I’ll eat a smaller dinner to make up for this.”

  3. sami says:

    I binge tonight, than I start dieting tomorrow, loose 4 pounds, so I could binge again without looking fat…
    I never loose 4 pounds, I know this, but I never use the weightscale, so I just tell myself over and over again that I lost 4 pounds, so I don’t feel bad if I binge

  4. katrina m says:

    oooh yeah does this sound familiar….. “i will just stop at that fast food place one last time tonight after work, then next week back on track!!”…. or “i already blew it this week so might as well go all out… next week will be better”. ahhhh the internal battles we face….

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