Post-Holiday Pondering: Is It NORMAL To Overeat Sometimes?

No need to punish Santa—or yourself—for holiday over-indulgence. Even normal eaters overdo it sometimes.

Hi all!

Sorry I sort of—POOF— vanished last week. I had planned to post a little pre-Xmas body love stuff and some mid-Xmas Food-Sanity tips, but…well, it didn’t go as planned.

But that’s OK, because you know what? I had an epiphany over the holiday and I’m back to share it with you.


Seems obvious, I know, but to a recovered binge eater like me, it’s kind of a revolutionary concept. All over-indulgence is not necessarily pathological, compulsive or even negative. I totally over-indulged this holiday—but it felt…normal and temporary. The way it might feel to someone who has a pretty healthy relationship with food.

Did I feel puffy and sluggish after the cookies, ice cream, Hickory Farms and Doritos? Totally. Do my skinny jeans fit a little bit tighter today than they did a week ago? Yup. But, did I binge or freak out with the food? Nope! There’s no way I could’ve handled this type of eating three years ago, or even a year ago. It would’ve devolved into a binge- and guilt-fest. Why? Because I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t at that point in my recovery yet where I could stick my toe into “dangerous” food waters and be OK. How fabulous that if we continue to work on things, we continue to grow and heal and get more sane about food!

And, get this: I’m not craving sweets or junk today. Now that I’m home, and getting back into my routine, I feel my body craving clean, simple and healthy foods—and that’s what I’m going to give to it.

How did eating go for you guys this holiday season? Are you feeling any guilt or negative feelings you want to vent? Or did you have any epiphanies of your own?


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One Response to Post-Holiday Pondering: Is It NORMAL To Overeat Sometimes?

  1. Morgan says:

    Since my goal has always been to be a “normal” eater, and to have a “normal” relationship with food, I feel like I am always very aware and trying to figure out what that is! This is a good reminder that it is natural and “normal” to overeat during the holidays and that it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am just slipping back into disordered ways of thinking/eating (thus perhaps setting up for a binge or feelings of guilt), but in fact behaving like many people who do have regular relationships with food.

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