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Real Story: Eating From The Trash Bin…And Other Things Binge Eaters Have In Common

Ever tried to explain binge eating or the compulsion to overeat to a “normal” eater? Yeah, they usually don’t get it. There are some things that only another… More 

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Is It Possible To Focus on Weight Loss and Recovery At The Same Time?

This 20-year-old reader asked me something all overweight overeaters have wondered at one time or another: Can I lose weight and get better at the same time?… More 

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Real Story: TV, Nachos and Secrecy

Thanks to Erica, 21, who’s sharing her very honest, inspiring Real Story today. She’s proof that you can get better! xo…Sunny I cringe when thinking back to the… More 

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"How Do I Get My Mom to Stop Making Comments About My Weight?"

This question came in from a 24-year-old reader—I wanted to share it with all of you. Q: Your site has really helped me come to terms with… More 

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Are You Tempted To Binge When You're Alone?

Bingeing is something most of us have done only in secret—downstairs in the kitchen when our parents were asleep, in our rooms away from our roommates, in the… More 

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Real Stories: Sunny's Story

Hi all! I’m creating a new section on the site called Real Stories, where I’ll be collecting the food/body/life stories of lots of women in the community.… More 

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