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"Little Victories" Friday!

Happy Friday! If you missed the initial “Little Victories” post last week, I will recap what the general idea is…Basically, “Little Victories” are what I call the small… read 

Counting "Little Victories!" to Get Sane About Food

I’m sure you have all heard the common (yet often helpful) phrase “One step at a time.” While it’s simple, it’s also easy to forget, especially if you… read 

Post-Holiday Pondering: Is It NORMAL To Overeat Sometimes?

Hi all! Sorry I sort of—POOF— vanished last week. I had planned to post a little pre-Xmas body love stuff and some mid-Xmas Food-Sanity tips, but…well, it didn’t… read 

Everyone has their "thing", and this happens to be mine.

Just yesterday, I had the thought to myself, “Can’t I just be over this crap?!”  Even though I consider myself well down the path of recovery, sometimes my… read 

What Happens To You When You Get Too Hungry?

I am shoving stir fry into my mouth as I write this. Why? BECAUSE I’M FREAKIN’ HUNGRY. I waited too long to get lunch (it’s been six hours… read