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Are You Ever Afraid to Start Eating When You Feel Emotional?

I’ve written a lot in the past about eating habits getting out of control when feeling emotional (or trying NOT to feel emotional), but I had an experience… read 

Dealing With Friends, Co-workers, Dates and Parents When You've Got Food Issues

I’ve always been fairly open about my eating issues. Even though I did find binge eating disorder shameful, I was still able somehow to get over that enough… read 

How Your Relationship With Food Reflects Your Relationship With Yourself

The first time I thought about the idea that one’s relationship with food reflects the relationship one has with themselves, was when I read some Geneen Roth books… read 

Eating Breakfast Could Help You Feel Saner About Food Today! Book Club [previous posts] Breakfast always seems to be one of the most talked about meals, especially among health professionals, and Dr. Bulik has devoted all of Chapter… read 

Peer Pressure to Eat (or Drink) Things You Don’t Want

“Let’s order a buffalo chicken calzone!” “Uhh, well, I don’t know, I don’t think….” “C’mon, split one with me! You know you want to, they’re SO good.” “Umm,… read 

Some (Not-So-Obvious) Things I've Done to Be At Peace With Food and My Body

I’ve filled up five whole moleskin journals over the course of a year (that’s a lot of pages) with my thoughts, worries, goals, rants, whining, etc. It always… read 

Food Diaries: Ever Used One? Helpful or Harmful?

A new reader left a comment the other day asking about food diaries: “I would love to hear more…concerning food logs. I’m wondering if food logs are… read 

The Fuzzy Line Between a Craving and a Habit

I was walking home after a great meal with some friends-after which I felt completely satisfied-not too full, and definitely not still hungry. As I got closer to… read 

Thank You To The Reader Who Saved My Night

Even though I’ve never met any of you, reading your comments and emails makes me feel like I’m getting to know you bit by bit. You guys are… read 

Could Speaking Up Help You Get Sane About Food?

I was talking to a friend a few weeks back about the mutual experience of eating instead of speaking up or using our voices. This idea is something… read