Why Your Weight Doesn't Matter

Not showing you the number because the number DOESN'T MATTER!

You’ve heard it before: Weight is just a number. That sounds good and all, but it’s a leetle hard to believe when you’re in having a “fat day” or are tied up in scale obsession. I’m grateful (and amazed!) to say that I no longer believe that my number is what matters.

These simple truths helped me get past the hate-inducing scale worship-hopefully they’ll help you, too:

1. Two people who weigh the same amount can look totally and completely different.
My best friend and I weigh exactly the same number of pounds. So do me and my husband. But, lemme tell ya, our figures look nothing alike. (Somehow, my husband manages to make this number look superslim, while my version is still nice-n-meaty. :) ) You know what that proves to me? That the number on the scale is objectively meaningless. It says nothing about your shape or your looks-and most importantly, it says nada about your worth.

2. A simple measuring tape can tell you more about your health than a scale.
The research continues to pile up: even body mass index (a ratio of your height and weight) can tell a false story about whether your size is healthy or not. Healthy athletes like Serena Williams technically fall into the “overweight” category according to BMI because of how much lean muscle they have. And studies also suggest that ethnicity may play a role: African-American women may be able to safely weigh more than Caucasian women, while Asian women may be safely able to weigh less. One measurement of health that no one disputes? Waist measurement. A waist 35 inches around or larger indicates that a woman is at increased risk for heart disease and other medical problems.

3. I still have the same struggles and personality quirks now that I had when I was 30 pounds heavier.
If you’ve ever been overweight, you know that feeling that “everything will be OK when I get thin.” Ha! Shopping for clothes is less-traumatic, sure, but changing body shape doesn’t change a thing about your personality or life situation. You’re still you (thank goodness!) no matter what your size.

Have any other weight truths that help you separate yourself from the scale and feel better about your body? Share, share!

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2 Responses to Why Your Weight Doesn't Matter

  1. Beth says:

    I LOVE your blog. Keep it up! I have struggled with Binge Eating Disorder for ten years (long before it was known as “binge eating disorder”), and reading posts from perfectly normal people with happy, successful lives has given me hope that this is my time to overcome my emotional eating issues.

    Thank you! :)

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