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4 Books That Will Help You Get Sane About Food (And Get to a Healthy Weight)

This post is inspired by a Rachel over at Body By Pizza, who tweeted late last night that a good friend of hers needed a good book on… More 

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What Crazy Diets Have You Tried?

Ever been tempted to click on those ubiquitous “Lose Your Belly Obeying This One Simple Rule” diet ads? Of course you have. It’s human nature to want a… More 

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Proof That "Fat Days" Are Sooo All In Your Head

There was an incredibly interesting “feeling fat” study presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society meeting I went to last week. The researchers at York University showed 100… More 

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3 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Emotionally Overeating

Overeating is a coping mechanism that some of us have developed to help us deal with our lives and feelings. Why? Because life can be hard, and feelings… More 

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