Proof That "Fat Days" Are Sooo All In Your Head

Remember this? Fat, my ass.

Remember this? Fat, my ass.

There was an incredibly interesting “feeling fat” study presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society meeting I went to last week. The researchers at York University showed 100 women three photos of themselves and then asked them how they thought they looked in them.
1. One was a real, unretouched picture of the woman
2. The second was a picture Photoshopped to make her look about 10 pounds thinner
3. The last one was a photo manipulated to make her look about 10 pounds heavier

The results? Actually looking “thinner” made no difference to the way the women thought they looked and didn’t make them feel any better about their bodies.The women had a tendency to say they looked heavier than usual in all three pictures.

Striking proof that being skinny, looking skinny, getting skinny doesn’t do a damn thing for our real happiness and self esteem. It’s all about the inside, ladies.

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