Please Do Not "Pop" My Booty

My first reaction to this hilarious infomercial (first brought to my attention by an @illusionists tweet) was just to laugh. Loudly. And pull random co-workers into my office to watch:

My next reaction was…to feel a little sad! Like, oh no! There are girls and women out there who really will buy and wear these things because they feel their own god-given assets aren’t good enough to rock au naturel.

I mean, I wear my share of spanx under clingy dresses—but this feels different somehow. With those I’m just smoothing out what’s already there. With these booty-popping panties, you’re actually changing your shape. I’m really tired of product after product meant to make women more, more, more physically ideal. DO NOT WANT.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive—what do you think? (Either way, I’m about to watch this video again. The pop! gets me every time.)

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6 Responses to Please Do Not "Pop" My Booty

  1. Veronica says:

    haha…wtf? The things that people come out with. I would never buy a thing like that. I am sure that there are jeans that can your butt look just as good.

  2. Katie says:

    They look so lumpy!

    That said, I’m totally picturing whether they’d work for me. Argh! This plays right into one of my insecurities. Way to market to your target audience, booty pop!

  3. Trish says:

    hahahaha I cannot stop laughing at this!! That ridiculous pop! sound … I’m laughing alone in my apartment like a lunatic.

    You’re right though Sunny, it did cross my mind that women out there will actually buy this to make themselves look better. Which is kinda sad — but then I think about the fact that there will always be those people out there who buy silly items, whether it’s for their body or for their chores (ie, ShamWow, anyone?).

  4. Tamara says:

    Wait…it’s a product to make your butt look BIGGER?

    I know supermodels use padding to make their stick-figures look like they have curves, but for normal women this is just ridiculous. The only thing this product did for me is get that Ester Dean song stuck in my head: “He say he like the way my booty booty booty pop…”

  5. mountaingirl38 says:

    I’ve been “blessed” in the trunk department so I won’t be running out to buy these…
    I have to say though that my booty has gotten me quite a bit of unwanted and inappropriate attention throughout my life, particularly back in high school. It totally has affected my life, although not in a good way. And forget about buying jeans that fit (although I have found one brand-Joe’s Jeans in the Honey style!). But I can see how, like the padded bras that I wear myself, women without a perky butt would be tempted.

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