What It Really Takes To Look Like Victoria Beckham

According to Posh herself, it takes working out seven days a week. Kudos to her for being honest about how far she goes to get it. So many celebs claim they never diet or workout.

Beckham has also been honest about struggling with body obsession and an undiagnosed eating disorder. She confessed in her 2001 autobiography Learning To Fly that she was “completely obsessed. I mean, I even used to measure my thighs. It was so bizarre that all those years I had been desperately trying to get thin and nobody realized I was anorexic…”

Crystal Renn

Another body-confession recently in the news: Plus-size model Crystal Renn told Time magazine that after starving herself during her teen years, she’s left dieting completely in the dust. “
When it comes to food, I’ve been through such a deep, dark place with my body that I associate dieting and hating my body with extreme unhealth. …I do make sure that I eat as healthy as I can for energy purposes, but I no longer restrict my calorie intake to feel better about myself.”

My point is this: A young woman should never hold a model or actress up as an example of what she herself should look like. When it comes to food and body struggles, stars are truly just like us.

Have you ever looked at a celebrity and wished you could look like her? I suppose I don’t even have to ask, but I will: Do you feel like that was  constructive or destructive to your self-esteem?

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  1. Trish says:

    I actually bought Crystal Renn’s autobiography, “Hungry”. I admire and adore her, and even though she’s a year younger than me, she’s years ahead of me in maturity and self-acceptance. As I struggle with how I view my own body, Crystal Renn has given me the belief that one day I can be as comfortable in my own skin as she is.

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