How to Stay Sane About Food When Life Gets Crazy!

Crazy life...but still sane about food? It's possible!

This post today is ripped not from the headlines, but straight from my life! My one-year anniversary with John is coming up in a few days, my book is due to the editor on May 30, we’re leaving for a week-and-a-half-long vacation in Mexico on May 31 and when we come back I’ll be packing up my office at Glamour and dragging my stuff over to my new job! (Deputy Editor, Features at Redbook—I start in mid-June.)

Ho-ly cow. You all know what I’m talking about right now. Things in life seem to all kind of happen at once sometimes, and even if they’re all good, it can sort of scramble your brain—and, of course, make you think about food. But I’m doing a few things to try to make sure that my food and eating remains as separate as possible from the upheaval (although it’s all good upheaval!) in my life right now:

1. I’m reminding myself that food is separate from my feelings. Food is for eating, it’s for nourishment, it’s a tool to keep me energetic and alive. I have successfully walked through plenty of crazy times in life without having my eating habits get crazy by keeping food where it belongs and remembering that it doesn’t have the power to do anything other than feed my body.

2. I’m exercising. Times of stress call for…sweating! (For me, at least.) I’m doing something active at least every other day to help me keep my mind clear and relieve any tension that builds up. Physical activity is so key in keeping me sane about food.

3. I’m meditating. Again, at least every other day. I’m just using simple, free guided meditation podcasts either on the subway on the way to work or in bed at night. I feel like meditation is a miracle cure for clouded minds and anxiety—seriously. If you haven’t tried it, you must!

4. I’m preparing my food for the day. Things are sooo busy, but I’m making sure not to forget about my hunger. Every day, I’m packing at least two snacks (usually an orange and a Vitamuffin—LOVE those things) because I know I’ll be working late or will be out running around and will definitely need nourishment throughout the day. Getting too hungry is a terrible idea. Not only does it sap energy and make me feel more anxious and moody, it sets you up to overeat or even binge later.

How do you try to set yourself up to stay sane about food when your life gets crazy? xo…Sunny

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2 Responses to How to Stay Sane About Food When Life Gets Crazy!

  1. Kate says:

    Congratulations on the new job!! And enjoy your vacation!

    I’m a fairly new reader, so I don’t know what your book is about. Is it related to this topic?

    When I’m crazily busy, I sometimes completely forget to eat. My problem is when I’m not busy at all, and I will eat constantly. The thing is, sometimes I feel proud of myself for forgetting to eat. As though food is always the enemy. It isn’t! There just needs to be a balance.

  2. Trish says:

    Preparing meals ahead of time has legit saved me during some of the most hectic times in my life. Last year during finals, I was just grabbing anything that was quick and easy — and usually HORRIBLE for me. This year, I packed lunches and snacks, and made sure I prepared as much as I could for dinner so I wouldn’t waste time marinating salmon or cutting up veggies. From the first year to the second I saw a total change in how I felt AND how well I did on my finals!! Planning meals is probably my #1 recommendation to anyone with a crazy lifestyle who is trying to stay on track.

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