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Words of Encouragement Needed for This Reader…

Hi guys. reader Rachael, 21, left a comment this morning that I just had to share with you—and ask you to please weigh in on: Can someone… read 

What Caused Your Food Issues? Here's What I Think "Caused" Mine

Reader Jennifer, 38, emailed me the other day asking what I think kicked off my food issues: I was wondering what were some of the personal and emotional… read 

Do You Believe Bingeing (and Purging) Could Actually Be an Addiction?

I got a long letter from reader Ingrid, 23, in which she told me a bit of her story with food and her body (read it here).… read 

The Danger of Comparing Your Eating Habits to Someone Else's

Ever find yourself staring at someone else’s plate and feeling bad about what you’ve chosen to put on your own? Thinking they’re being “good” and you’re being “bad”?… read 

"Is it Too Late For Me to Get Better?"

Victoria, 29, wrote me a while ago, saying she was worried that perhaps she’s spent so long bingeing that she won’t be able to change. It’s never, ever… read 

Is It Just A Bump in the Road, or Are You "Failing" at Recovery? reader Jessica, 20, has been having a bumpy time and has started to question whether she’s maybe just…a lost cause. She’s written in before and found all… read 

Is it Possible to Lose Weight Without Slipping Back into Disordered Eating Habits?

I think the answer to that question is yes. But timing—timing is absolutely everything. Here’s a question from reader Heather, who’s wondering if she’s ready to deal with… read 

Is Your Food Problem Bad Enough to Require Therapy?

“Is my problem bad enough to require therapy?” That’s the question I recently got from reader Katie, 16. Can you guess what my answer’s gonna be? Please… read 

The Fleeting, Powerful, Feeling of Control

I got an email from a 17-year-old reader named Hope a couple of days ago that reminded me of how powerful the feeling of controlling your food… read 

Why It's So Important Not To Keep Your Eating Issues a Secret

Today I’d like to share a letter from one of the youngest readers I’ve talked to in a while: Yuki, who’s just 15. Please feel free to… read