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Trigger Foods: To Eat or Not to Eat? That is One Reader's Question

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How Does Bingeing Affect Your Relationships With Other People?

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What's Your Advice For This Binge-Eater?

Hi all. This 20-year-old reader sent me an e-mail asking not only for my help, but for all of yours. She feels really stuck in a cycle… read 

Do You Eat When You Have Nothing to Do? Here's Help.

A great, insightful Q from reader Marina, who just turned 20. Hope her situation helps shed some light on your own…and as always, feel free to weigh… read 

"How Do I Get My Mom to Stop Making Comments About My Weight?"

This question came in from a 24-year-old reader—I wanted to share it with all of you. Q: Your site has really helped me come to terms with… read 

Why It's So Hard To Admit That You Have A Food Problem

Big thanks to reader Jenn whose question brought up a super-important issue: how hard it is to even admit that we have a problem with overeating. Q: First… read 

If You've Ever Had a Problem With Food, This Girl's Story Will Make You Cry

I relate to just about every comment I read here on—and to every email I get from readers. But once in a while, someone writes in with… read 

"I eat my food really fast, then wonder where it all went. How can I stop?" —Veronica, 21

Q: I’m a broke college student whose mom still supports her (I’m 21). We don’t have much money so I don’t really get to eat much throughout the… read 

"Sometimes I starve, sometimes I binge. What's going on?" —Sam, 16 years old

Sixteen-year-old reader Sam wrote in the other day with this question. Here’s my advice to her, and any young woman who finds herself swinging from starving to bingeing… read 

"I'm Mostly Happy, But I Can't Stop Bingeing"

This e-mail came in from a reader named Jen who shared her story, and wanted to know how I stopped binge eating. Figured some of you might want… read