Your Inner Little Girl Needs to Watch This Video

It’s a book trailer for Good Girls Don’t Get Fat by Dr. Robyn Silverman. Whether the book is right for you or not, this video is sure to touch you. Sit back and let yourself remember why you rock! (And why we should all be a little easier on our bodies.) xo…Sunny


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  1. Julia says:

    I saw this earlier today and fell in love with it. It is probably one of the best body image videos I have seen, and I love that it speaks to the little girl in all of us. Absolutely brilliant- I’m showing it to everyone.

  2. Beautiful. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

  3. Rae says:

    GOOD STUFF!!! I am sharing this with everyone as well!! Thanks for sharing the truth!

  4. Kensington says:

    Lovely! I’m interested in the book, but even without it, it’s a very positive video.

  5. Thank you so much for posting, Sunny, and thank you everyone for the kind words. I’m so glad that the video about Good Girls Don’t Get Fat touched something in you and that you are reposting for others to see and have a similar experience. Together, we can do something to help our girls- and at the same time, maybe help ourselves too.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book!

    Dr. Robyn

  6. Shaya says:

    Nice video, but I can’t really relate to the part about being young and loving what I saw in the mirror, or caring more about my talents or personality over my body. Not all of us were carefree children, especially those of us like myself who had parents who belittled them constantly, not only about their bodies, but about who they were at the very core. Ever since I can remember, I was never thin, I never felt beautiful, I was never encouraged to do anything or try something new or pursue any talent I might’ve had. I’m almost 25 years old now, I’m about 80 lbs overweight, and I still live at home with my parents. I’ve had boyfriends who’ve told me I’m beautiful and gorgeous just the way I am, but I never believe them. I always think it’s just something guys say because they know you want to hear it, and when you hear what you want from a guy, it’s easier for him to get in your pants. I also have no job. 2 years ago, I made $1200-2400 a month working for myself at home. I always have the voices of my parents in my head reminding me of what a failure I am, so I barely even try to succeed at anything… and if I do, or start to, I sabotage it. I’m crying as I’m typing this… I don’t want to give up hope… I need help…

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