Sometimes Sharing Your Story Can Help…Do you have a Real Story to Share?

Snail mail is nice, but e-mail us your Real Story!

Happy last Friday of January! I hope the first month of 2010 has started off well for you all! Sunny and I are excited about about getting the Book Club up and running and hearing more from readers—we are always excited to hear from you. (By the way, we got a ton of requests for the free Crave books; once we find out exactly how many copies we’re getting, we’ll notify everyone.)

Speaking of which…you may recall that we have a Real Stories section on here (one of my favorite parts!) where brave readers and contributors have shared their amazing personal stories, struggles and recoveries. If you would like to participate, we would love for you to share and hear your voice. You can never have too many stories to remind you that you are not alone.

Even though I was hesitant at first, I found that it was actually really helpful to share my own story. If you would like to perhaps help yourself AND help others through this process, feel free to send in your Real Story (aim for 600 words or less) to [email protected]…You can use your own name, or change it, those details aren’t really a big deal. It’s your experiences, and your honesty, that counts. —Morgan

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