A Quick Way to Feel Better About Food and Your Body

3144589786_7949eaaa96Just read this post! It’s Food-Sanity Friday again, and I’ve compiled the best little body-image and healthy-eating gems people have tweeted this week. Please feel free to add your own! xo…Sunny


Sometimes all I need to stop myself overeating is my 1 Minute Mantra. “You’re going to be fine” over & over again. Reassuring. What’s yours? —@beyondchoc

FOOD-SANITY TIP OF THE DAY: Every day, every meal, every hour is another chance to make a healthier choice/fresh start for your mind & body. —@hlthygrl (that’s me!)

My road to recovery has been bumpy, but I can keep walking because I’ve gained strength, balance, and energy by doing the food. —@seekingsobriety

Best line ever! “I want to be as beautiful as I can be—to MYSELF first. THEN to whomever has the SENSE to see me.” Maya Angelou [via@hlthygrl] —@JessWeiner

Don’t punish yourself with exercise for eating. —@EatWhatYouLove

FOOD-SANITY TIP OF THE DAY: Food won’t make yr headache better, dry yr tears, quash fear or help u finish to-do list. It just feeds yr body. —@hlthygrl

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2 Responses to A Quick Way to Feel Better About Food and Your Body

  1. Katie says:

    Love that one by EatWhatYouLove — had to take a break from the gym for a while to learn how to give up that cycle of punishment.

  2. Just found your blog!! So glad to keep finding more people helping women to love & accept themselves!! If you get the chance check out my blog: http://radicalhateloss.blogspot.com.

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