Halt the Holiday Food Guilt! (Seriously—it Ain't Helping Anyone)

Is it just us, or does this hammie look like he's feelin' a little guilty?

I’d like to introduce you all to Morgan, my new research assistant for HealthyGirl.org and my upcoming book. She did today’s food-sanity round up for you—I’m so happy to have her on board!

Hope this first post of hers helps you get over any T-giving food guilt you may still be holding onto…’cuz cookie season is right around the corner. :)


Holidays are a notoriously difficult time for anyone with food or body image issues, and sometimes, families can make matters worse. —@DocJohnG

Our body-bashing thoughts are time-consuming and distracting. They take us away from the real things in our lives. They take us away from those who love us unconditionally, regardless of our food choices or appearance. —Weightless

Food is abundant this time of year (actually every time of year for most of us!) Remind yourself that you can eat more later. –@EatWhatYouLove

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s not what you [ate that day] that counts, it’s how you eat all year round. Eat without guilt and ENJOY! —@EatWithoutGuilt

Need a few more ways to stop feeling guilty, here are six of them. Enjoy! —Morgan

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