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When Did You Know You Were Really Ready to Change?

They say that it takes the average smoker seven attempts to finally quit. What about your average binge eater? How many times have you and I vowed to… read 

The Binge Monster Comes Out at Night

Bingeing used to be worst for me at night. Once the sun would go down, it was like all my fears and anxieties came out, and of course,… read 

Do You Ever Feel Guilty for Feeling Guilty?

Okay so I’m sorry to bring up the conference that I went to this past weekend again, but there’s just another great thing that was talked about that… read 

The Power of the Pause

I was really fortunate to get to attend a conference this weekend that happened to touch upon a lot of things relevant to getting sane about food and… read 

Do You Have a Hard Time When Good Things Happen For You?

I’ll admit it: I have a hard time dealing with it when good things happen for me. I think it taps into old issues of low self-worth and… read 

Do You Use Food to Calm the Anxiety of Uncertainty?

I was reading yesterday’s  post and thinking about reader Yuki’s concerns about using food during a time when she is about to finish high school and the future… read 

From My Cat's Lips to Women's Ears Everywhere: "Why Diets Are Dumb"

A little comic relief after a week of pretty emotional posts:My cat Tillie’s guest blog on about why she’s anti-diet (just click on the image)… It’s a joke,… read 

8 Ways to Defend Against a Binge

Today I thought I’d share a few ways that I personally set up for “defense” against a binge or emotional overeating. These are a few of the strategies… read 

A Painful Reminder of How it Felt to Be Obese

I almost burst into tears on the subway on my way to work yesterday morning. There was a woman on the train sitting across from me, looking uncomfortable perched… read 

Ever Wish There Was an Instant Fix For Your Food Problems?

Recently, I have been involved in helping a friend seek out ways to make some important and necessary changes in her life (this includes seeing a trained therapist,… read