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This Video Might Make You Mad

The technology you’re about to see is kind of amazing, but the applications? Notsomuch. With software like this it’s just too easy to make pictures of people into… read 

Exactly What to Do to Stop a "Fat Day" In Its Tracks

Last week, I was proud to be able to bring you posts featuring body-image wisdom from Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D., co-founder of The Body Image Project. As promised, here… read 

No More Bad Body Image: 7 Amazing Steps to Appreciating Your Shape

Let’s continue the body-image conversation with Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D., of The Body Image Project! Yesterday we talked about how society’s love of being in “control” may contribute to… read 

The Source of Bad Body Image: It's Not in Your Jeans

“Our relationship with our appearance goes deep. It affects our life choices, goals, aspirations, relationships, and daily enjoyment,” says Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D., a psychologist who specializes in body… read 

To Anyone Who's Ever Felt Like They Should Be Prettier, Thinner, Smarter…

Hi everybody! Today’s post is by Jenny Ward, an amazing woman I met about a month ago at a gathering of advocates for healthy confidence and self-esteem in… read 

"Is it Too Late For Me to Get Better?"

Victoria, 29, wrote me a while ago, saying she was worried that perhaps she’s spent so long bingeing that she won’t be able to change. It’s never, ever… read 

Three Of The Best Body Image Tips (From a Body Image Blogger)!

No matter what your relationship to food and your body is, or  if and where you are in the process of recovery, body image tips are always useful!… read 

Body Sanity and The Adventures of The Retoucher and Lady Macbeth!

Writer Lisa de Nikolits has a unique understanding of media images—for years, working as an art director at international editions of magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire, she… read 

Proof That Fat Days Are All in Your Head

There was an incredibly interesting “feeling fat” study presented at an Eating Disorders Research Society meeting I went to last fall. The researchers at York University showed 100… read 

One Model's Story of How She Stopped Abusing Her Body

Plus-size model Angela Jones and her writer friend Elizabeth Nord recently created a web community called Plus-Size Models Unite, where they focus on positive body image and feeling… read